This world language course is designed to serve the needs of high school students with high levels of language proficiency (e.g., heritage language learners, learners who have attended immersion schools, or learners who have engaged in multiple years of self study). This course will be delivered in a hybrid format and will create meaningful language learning experiences centered on exploring one’s identity as revealed through pop culture. In order to conduct this exploration, learners will consider such themes as leisure, appearances, race, gender, and activism.

As students progress through the course, they will work in teams to explore their local communities while using the target language. These explorations will be used to create a place-based mobile experience that is themed around one of the topics covered in the course. Each team will have the option of submitting the mobile experiences that they develop to a scholarship competition at the end of the school year designed to help fund language study at the collegiate level.

Prior technical knowledge in app development is not a requirement for this course. However, students should feel comfortable with using an online platform to engage with most classroom materials and interactions.